Wednesday, 25 April 2012

you can only try your best ;)

So here are some of the sketches and bits and bobs I have done on the side. I have no formal training HAHA! still they are important to my thought process and the project and therefor important to your good selves. They were just taken on my phone as i don't have a camera at the moment, i will put higher quality images up when i can. :)

The Lovely Elizabeth

Hello everyone.

Here is a great new Flesh, Blood and female short film by Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a 25 year old BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) model known as Sailor Rose. She has a refreshing perspective on her body that I believe goes against what is preached to us and believed at this time. A big thank you to Lizzie. Watch, Think and Enjoy :)

The thing I liked best about Lizzie's video is this. I believe that today almost every woman in the stratosphere is on a journey to get their desired body, but Lizzie went on a journey to understand her body not to get anything. Maybe if we ladies who are always trying to change how we look to gain self acceptance put as much effort into getting to know and accepting the bodies we have and excepting the changes in our bodies we would feel a little better and more liberated. I think we would anyway, So cheers Lizzie I never thought about that before even though it seems so obvious.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Where I Stand

In writing and managing this blog and creating work to accompany it I am playing the role of an artist. A body artist, and If I am honest this is a title that makes me slightly uncomfortable because of the elitism co notated by the term ‘body art’ and possibly art in general. However I love body art especially the more extreme artists like Marina Abramovic and Franco B, they fascinate me, but I also love the relateable tone of other artists work take Bobby Baker for example.

 I would not have known about these artists were it not for my chosen degree and I think for many people the world of contemporary body art and performance seems unapproachable and completely irrelevant but that is not what I want my work to be. I want it to be fully inclusive of everyone no matter their knowledge or interests. We all have bodies and we all have trouble accepting that our bodies are normal, desirable and acceptable. I am trying to promote awareness and acceptance of the difference in female bodies and celebrate the problem area’s we have, and in a way shout FUCK YOU to the voices in society that we feel judge us but most importantly, to the voice in our heads that judges us daily.

I was very unsure of the pictures I published in my last post ‘Skuddy Buff’. I worried about their artistic merit, and also worried about the fact that when I jumped my tits went one way and my belly went the other. But after having a bit of time to reflect I really like the impression they give. I feel they are joyous and rebellious and it helped me to form a firmer artistic vision for my future photographs and work for the project. I love the idea and enjoyed the experience that you can be vulnerable and have really very little self-confidence but, fight through that, stick two fingers up, dance and except your self even just for a minute and just not care. I feel that that’s way the three of us felt in the shoot and if I may say I'm proud of the photos and hope they encourage others to get involved.

I would like my work to be able to be read by those looking at it as a piece of art and those who look at it as a photo of something that is rarely seen. I hope and believe my work has a place in the art world but ,I know it has a place in society in general which is what is most important to me.

In the book The Body in Contemporary Art the following is stated while discussing the painting: Matrix(1999)   by Jenny Saville,

Saville’s painted flesh describes an aesthetic of excess that is in turns abject and luscious, and mounts a direct attack on the demand for large, mortal and unruly bodies to be kept our of sight.

ON YOURSELF Ms Saville is my reaction!

I will fight that fight too. All bodies should be seen and accepted, everyone will still have preferences and there will always be the image and physique that is in vogue but lets just try to take the freak show out of anything that goes against the general acceptance and expectation of what a woman SHOULD look like.