Friday, 12 October 2012

Myself: modified.

Hello everyone. So my first post in a while but I assure its the first of many new posts to come.

I want to look at body modification over the next few weeks. I am curious as to the psychology behind it. be it every day modifications like dying and cutting hair and wearing make up, to genital piercing and branding. Body modification is something which of coarse includes females and males and although I would love to here from, and include male opinion (men feel free to get involved) I may focus more on females just because of the nature of my blog.

I myself I suppose rank fairly low in the body modification spectrum ( if such a thing should exist). I have no piercings or tatoo's, I have never had any cosmetic surgery but I do paint my nails, dye my hair and wear make up.

I want to hear and photograph everyone and anyone and here about any modifications (permanent or temporary) you have made or make daily. I don't know if we will draw any conclusions but hopefully in the end we will have created an artistic documentation of what we have modified and why we did it and most importantly how we feel about it.

There is no judgement here. Different strokes for different folks and all that.

Bring on variety it is the spice of life after all...

Here is a pic of me as un-modified as I can be, and one of me after a swift bit of modification. I know which one is more socially acceptable but I'm not sure which one I'm happiest with .

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